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Hi! My name is Denetra and I used to hate myself…

My ex-boyfriend who I lived with cheated on me.
My Instagram got hacked,someone who was apart of my daily life was sent to jail.My car broke down every other week. So obviously with all of those stressors in my life I became depressed.
I didn't want to come out of my room and ate everything in sight just to make myself feel better. And then slow I started to hate myself...

What did I do to change it?
I took it one day at a time.
I started eating better,working out,and taking care of me.
I surround myself with only people who support and have positive energy.
I thank God for putting me on the right path and started thinking positively.
Again I took it one day at a time...
I am now in such a better place and ain't nothing gonna stop me now! I WANT TO HELP YOU FEEL THE SAME!!!!

I am an IFBB Bikini Pro (you know those girls who are bodybuilders and win big swords). Yes that is me and wow has it been a crazy journey in this fitness lifestyle. I am a certified personal trainer and body transformation coach.

I love to workout, eat lots of food, and travel the world. I created "Denetrabfit" so I could help people around the world reach their fitness goals. I don't believe you need to be in the gym for countless hours, dying over cardio, or eating food you don't like. I am able to keep up with this lifestyle because I know all the tips and tricks to achieve your goals.

Now let me help you feel as confident!

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