The Journey Begins...



You may or may not know alot about me because of my social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.) But here we go anyways...

I started my fitness journey a little over 4 years ago. At first I was a professional hip hop dancer signed with one of the biggest dance agencies "Movement Talent Agency". There I was presented with amazing opportunities to perform with such artist like: Calvin Harris, Daft Punk, YG, Pharrell....and more.

It was a great experience but over time I fell more in love with the gym then the dance room. At first working out meant just looking "skinny" for this audition. But the next thing you know your girl was lifting heavy, running faster, and doing pull-up with the big boys! 

So like any other fitness enthusiast I went and got my certification one of the top accredited NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine). I became a certified personal trainer and started helping others reach their personal fitness goals.

                                The Road to Becoming IFBB Bikini Pro

After a couple of years of training people and working out daily. I decided to take my fitness career to the next level. So in November of 2016 I competed at my first ever amateur body building competition "Jon Lindsey's Musclecontest". It was a very intense, dramatic, thrilling, and fulfilling experience. With only a 4 week prep I brought home a 1st place trophy and man did that light a fire under my butt!

Next thing you know I was doing the LA Fit Expo Amateur Bodybuilding competition in January 2017. There I won 1st place and the Overall. I could not believe it. Here at one of the biggest conventions in Southern California I took home all the trophies. I did it again 2 months later in San Diego at Musclecontest in March. From there my coach and I was time to go for the pro card!

So after many meal preps, countless hours of cardio, and weightlifting I flew to Chicago. There I competed at NPC Jr.Nationals to become an IFBB Bikini Pro! There were 100's of amauter bodybuilders there. It was the best of the best and then some. I ended up competing against 50 girls in my class alone. And all the hard work paid off because I was awarded 1 of the 7 Pro cards giving that night for my division!!! I was so excited, and couldn't believe it. At only 8 months I competed in 4 competitons, won 1st place at them all, and earned my Pro card. Making me one of the fastest amateur bodybuilders to turn pro.

Whats Happening Now

Now I am an IFBB Bikini Pro and I compete at Pro competions for not only bragging rights, but for prize money! The goal now is to compete in as many shows as possible. And then one day make my way on that Olympia Stage. 

I am still training clients with my online training program "" and helping improve the lives of numerous people. And I hope that my story and passion can help someone fight for their dreams as well.


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