How to love yourself again...with FITNESS!


I did not like the person in the mirror.

I remember waking up one day and looking at myself in the mirror.

The person in the mirror had changed, and it seemed overnight. But trust me it wasn’t and I was just neglecting my health and well-being.

It was the 3rd night

That week that I went out drinking with my friends. And when I say “drinking” I mean 10 shots of patron, 3 beers, and a few vodka sodas in the mix also.

And you wonder what I ate that week…well let’s just say

the only veggies I had was the lettuce on my double-double cheeseburger

(which was complimented with cheese fries and a large chocolate shake).

Looking at myself in the mirror I noticed dark circle under my eyes, an acne war on my forehead, my complexion was drained, and my hair follicles…well they were depleted. I also felt exhausted, unmotivated, and my stomach was so bloated I thought I was pregnant.


This was it…

I need to make a change and it needs to happen now! And then I tried to change, failed again, again, and again. But then one day I finally succeeded…I went the whole day with eating veggies with every meal.

Next day I gave up 4 cans of soda and only drank 2. Next week I gave up 3 cups of coffee a day to 1 cup. I also starting working out in the morning 2x a week. Then I kept making small regressions and the next thing I know my days consisted of:

  • ·         Waking up taking fish oil, multi-vitamins, and a protein shake
  • ·         Hit the gym for weight training/cardio
  • ·         Eat 3-4 meals with meat and veggies
  • ·         Drink water religiously
  • ·         And get at least 6-8 hours a sleep a day

Then soon I remember waking up in looking into the mirror a few months later.

The person I saw in my reflection I did not recognize.



This person had bright clear skin, energy, muscles that were appealing, and CONFIDENCE! Moral of the story is you are your worst enemy. And I know that it is hard…but you don’t have to go cold turkey! Just take it one step and one day at a time.

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